Saturday, April 24, 2010

Refired glaze on glaze tests

Left - Harry Memmott with Chris' drizzle
Right - Chun with Chris' drizzle

Both in oxidation

Glaze on glaze testing

From left to right

Chris' white with tenmoku drizzle
Chris' white with Chris' choc drizzle
Tenmoku with Chun drizzle
Tenmoku with Bright green drizzle

All in Oxidation on 5B

Changing Candy Apple glaze to blue - line blend

Candy apple base glaze + 2 copper carbonate cup 1
Candy apple base glaze + 2 copper carbonate + 1 cobalt carbonate cup 7

In oxidation

Top row is 5B
Bottom row is Keanes porcelain

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random glaze recipe all fixed up

Initially this recipe had barium in it which can't be used on functional wear - so I wanted to take it out.

Recipe is now:

Soda Feldspar 42
Whiting 8
Zinc Oxide 50
Bentonite 2

It works in both oxidation (matt) and reduction (glossy)

Tests have been done on 5B, Keanes Porcelain and RGH

Top row in oxidation and the bottom row reduction

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My first firing

This is the results of my first firing - unfortunately I programmed my bisque to go to 960 degrees and used Orton cone 06. So the cone didn't go down, but apparently the pots should be ok.

I was so nervous - but feel happy that it all went ok, still a bit of work to do trying to figure out the controller!